Adapted from established crime writer Jedidiah Ayres short story of the same name, the film follows three men after bar close who begin telling various stories… More>>


 The Curse of Yig

In 1925, a young academic visits the Guthrie Asylum in Oklahoma to explore the native tribal belief in the snake god, Yig. There she is confronted by a bizarre creature… More>>


Dinner Date

A short film based on the true story of Armin Meiwes, the ‘Rotenburg Cannibal’ who ate a willing person after meeting on line. Dinner Date follows a couple… More>>


My Friend Root Rot

Award winning short documentary exploring two eccentric characters and their peculiar friendship. Root Rot is a horror podcaster of a show called “The Midnight Podcast”… More>>



Originally produced for Bobbi Miller’s “Intoxicating” cabaret series for Minneapolis’s Bryant Lake Bowl Theater, “creep.” is an experimental film combining stock footage… More>>


War Propheteer

A kidnapped American contractor alone in an Iraqi cell… the horrible possibility of beheading… a camera recording; what would you say in this moment? More>>


Asleep in the Deep

An experimental/narrative film adaptation of an H.P. Lovecraft story. In the vein of David Lynch and Maya Deren, the film follows a punk girl, Alyce, down the rabbit hole… More>>